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Cremation Service Prices at Lower Costs

Cremation Services By The Sea,  Boca Raton serves all of Palm Beach and Broward County. Contact us today for direct cremation services and see why our cremation cost much less when compared to local funeral services. Bypass local funeral homes in Boca Raton and other cities within Palm Beach County for affordable cremation prices. Make the right choice today.  

Our family owned business specializes in one hundred percent direct cremation services. Therefore, our client families are guaranteed honest pricing with dignified services. 

Using a local funeral home can cost much more than necessary. Cremation Services By The Sea offers premium services at a practical cost. 

The financial burden of funeral arrangements alone, can devastate a family. Since more and more funeral homes are becoming corporately owned, their ability to have financial flexibility with those that they serve is almost nonexistent. 

Our family understands your sensitive needs and the challenges you will face during the loss of a loved one. Entrust a personalized care provider that is focused on what you deserve. Guaranteed professionalism and experience, each step along the way. 

Low Cost Cremation

Serving Palm Beach and Broward County for direct cremation arrangements at practical prices. Bypass funeral homes for direct cremation services and save. Learn how we can help, contact us today for pre-planning or immediate cremation needs.